Basketball official

My journey through Basketball Officiating

There are many things to learn as a basketball official. Let me share with you some of the experiences this sports has given me and my family over the years. I can also point you in the right direction where to go to get more information.


Hello, my name is Jeff Flannagan (Jeffrey). I have been officiating basketball for almost 35 years throughout the USA and Australia.  I have  been very blessed to have met many good people over the years and have had some life defining moments through this wonderful sport.  I hope to help others find the journey as rewarding as I have found it. I have added some links below to areas where I thought you may benefit to get more information about officiating in one of the best games on the planet.

High School (America)

This is where you start in the States and where many collegiate and NBA officials come from. It doesn't matter where you are from, there are opportunities to get involved at this level at anytime during your career.

Collegiate System (America)

There are many universities and colleges in the USA that play basketball; opportunities are endless. There are many divisions of the collegiate system ranging from junior college to Division 1. Here are some ideas if you are interested in getting involved.

Australia (FIBA)

Each State/territory has a different set of criteria for officiating; however, I have tried to provide some links to help you find your way.

Featured links

Basketball Australia - Referees

This is the Peak Body organisation for officials in Australia; however, accreditation is usually done through your state referee association.  On this site, you will find access to links to meet your specific needs for officiating in Australia.

National association of sports officials - USA

The USA has numerous opportunities to officiate basketball depending on your experience and capabilities.  Because it is so large, the best place to start is t connect with the Peak Body that works with all sports officials in the USA and they will connect you with the state or league that you wish to reach out to.

Referee education

This is a not for profit education platform that will allow grassroots associations/clubs across Australia tap into the same wealth of knowledge that senior officials have for a fraction of the cost and own the intellectual property rights at the same time.